Signs you need to Hire Tree-Cutting Service

The tree in your yard doesn’t only add aesthetic value but also offers shade and replenishes atmospheric oxygen. However, as they reach the end of their life span, they can quickly become a liability and threaten your property and the people around them. The longer a broken, diseased, or leaning tree sits on your lawn, the more dangerous it becomes. Thus, we recommend hiring tree-cutting services in Toronto to address the issue promptly and effectively.

The big question is, how do you know that it’s time to cut down the tree? We bring you the top six signs that indicate it’s time to hire tree-cutting services.

  • A Dead Tree

As with all living things, trees have a lifespan. One sign that your tree is dead is that it is not blooming anymore. It can also look dry, rotted, and decayed. If a dead tree has been sitting in your yard for weeks or months, hire a tree-cutting service in Toronto.

Remember, a dead tree is a threat to your home and family members.

  • A Damaged Tree

Trees are sturdy that can withstand exposure to cold, heat, and storms. However, their endurance has a limit. If you notice that your tree has been badly hit by a storm and is damaged, it’s time to cut it.

  • Tree Lacks Leaves

Trees shed their leaves in fall and stay barren till spring comes knocking on the door. However, if the leaves’ regrowth is different from the last year, it could be an early sign of the tree’s declining health. A tree sparse or lacking in overall leaf coverage is a sign that your tree is dying and must be removed.

  • A Leaning Tree

A few trees lean on their own, and it’s a charming aspect of their appearance and shape. However, if a tree suddenly starts to lean on its own or after a big storm, it can signify a significant problem. A leaning tree can fall on your property or people walking around it. Thus, highlighting the need for tree-cutting services.

  • Tree with Longitudinal Crack

If there is a longitudinal crack on your tree or between two opposite branches, it’s a sign of concern. These trees may not be able to withstand extreme pressure and pose a threat during heavy storms or severe winds. As a safety measure, we recommend cutting down the tree.

  • Mushrooms at the Tree’s Base

Mushrooms and other fungi are bad news for your trees. Large fungus colonies can infect the trunks and roots when growing on the tree. It leads to damage that can affect stability and cause safety risks. If the fungus growth is progressive, there is almost nothing you can do to salvage the tree. To prevent the infection from spreading, hire a professional for tree-cutting.

Wrapping Up

When you observe the signs shared above, hire a tree-cutting professional to ensure your family and property’s safety and maintain peace of mind. The sooner you address the issue, the safer everyone is.

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